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Cleveland Browns Redlands Of America Leather Jacket

Cleveland Browns Redlands Of America Leather Jacket


Introduce Cleveland Browns Redlands Of America Leather Jacket

Your leather jacket has been with you since the day you bought it. It’s seen countless concerts, parties and nights out on the town. You’ve loved it more than anything else in your closet because of how comfortable and stylish it is. But now that winter is coming around again, there’s a chance that your favorite coat will make a hasty retreat to storage for another season or two until things get warmer again. One of the most iconic pieces of clothing, a leather jacket is an essential for any wardrobe. From casual to formal, it can be styled with anything! But what does one look for in buying a new one? There are many different types of leather jackets on the market today that are made from different materials and have varying degrees of durability. Read this blog post for more information on some popular choices!If only there were some way to keep your jacket from going into hibernation! Well lucky for you we have just the solution: our new line of winter-proof jackets made from durable materials like wool and cotton that will stand up against any type of weather while still looking super cool at the same time. So if you

Cincinnati Bengals Wild It Better Leather Jacket

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  • Material: PU Leather
  • Decal printed patterns

The materials used in faux-leather jackets are made up of poly urethane (PU), a plastic-like material. PU pieces allow us to expand our offerings without moving away from our leather roots. Faux-leather jackets that are made of PU are less expensive, and the reduced price of this material means that more customers are able to afford the look of leather for less.

As a PU-based product, faux-leather is a vegan-friendly option. People who would like to complement their wardrobe by adding the look of leather can do so without compromising their vegan lifestyle by opting for faux-leather jackets. Especially, using PU instead of real leather will protect wildlife animals and the enviroment around us. 

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  • Production Time: 3 – 5 days
  • Worldwide Shipping Time: 5 –7 days by DHL or FedEx, 12 – 15 days by Yun Express
  • Tracking Number: When your order is completed, we will send you the tracking number with the confirmation email so that you can track the package online.
  • Our factories are located in America, Canada, E.U, Turkey,Viet Nam and Indonesia.
  • If you find the delivered product:
    – Damaged due to production quality (missing button, dirty marks…)
    – Damaged due to poor packaging/handling during shipment

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