Get Skill Training!

Train skill, strategy and concentration!


Do you

…want to keep your mind fit?
…want to train your motor abilities?
…love exciting challenges?

You’re looking for all that for you, your parents or working with patients?

You'll find all that and more in this one-off app.

Skill Training

  • trains skill, strategy and concentration
  • improves eye-hand coordination
  • adapts to the user's abilities
  • based on the SKILL GAME (more than 5 million downloads)
  • developed in conjunction with therapists
  • is just so much fun


  • automatically adapted difficulty level
  • adapted challenge for every user and every age
  • infinite number of randomly generated levels
  • suitable for multiple users or patients
  • simple controls and easy to read
  • an app for iPhone and iPad

For iPhone and iPad

  • double the fun: use Skill Training on your iPhone/iPod touch and your iPad