Get Skill Game!

The very first perpetual game that adapts to you!



  • a skill game with strategy
  • only for touchscreens


  • never-ending fun: unlimited number of randomly produced levels
  • bye-bye boredom: no level is like another
  • challenging but not impossible: the level of difficulty adapts itself to your capabilities using intelligent programming
  • an ingenious and unique game only for touchscreens: you must be accurate and clever
  • for one minute, or one hour: you can continue where you left off after exiting the game
  • a game for anytime, anywhere

Principle of the game

You draw lines with your fingers to connect the numbers in the right order:
  • without touching or crossing lines which have already been drawn
  • without going off the sheet
  • but you can cross through the numbers
The arrangement of the numbers and the obstacles will drive you crazy.

For iPhone, iPad and Android